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what is the name of zoes husband. ive  gone through game several times only name I have read is jean

Nope. There were 2 husbands of Zoe. Please pay attention and replay ^)

answer is 1900

you have any discord or can you help me to math problem between zoe and natali?

I have no discord but all questions you could ask me here or on my patreon page :) Thank you!

Main seduction is ending for me at the kiss at the hotel, regardless of the option I choose.

On my patreon page there is full walkthrough for this game


I can't actually get it to install through the itch.o launcher. 

same here, heard it was on itch so i figured i'd install through itch, but no beuno.


please, can you tell me?
what is the  Zoe's Husband name ?

i'm embarrassed to say this but i can't figure out the maths question in the salon,

please give me the answer so i can sleep at night.